Butterfly Thoughts, Egg Sandwiches, and God's Perfection

     Ow! Youch. Oooh. Oh, my eyes are watering! OUCH! Yabba dabba doo that hurts! Why does plucking my eyebrows hurt so much?! This all started with me looking in the mirror this morning. Big mistake. Greeted me were two woolly mammoth caterpillar eyebrows. Yeesh. I had to take care of that right away. Yet how can pulling one tiny hair-one-from your face give such pain? Then the thought butterflies flit about my head.

Orange thought butterfly: I wonder why God didn’t just make my eyebrows perfectly shaped? Then I wouldn’t have to go through this several times a month.
Yellow thought butterfly: Duh, God made you the way He wanted to.
Blue thought butterfly: True. But, it’s still not perfect.
Red thought butterfly: Oh! It’s not perfect. I get it. He made me according to his perfect plan, not my own image of perfection.
Purple thought butterfly: Why, there’s a Bible lesson in there.
Pink thought butterfly: There’s a blog in there.
White thought butterfly: Really? You’re thinking of your thoughts as butterflies? What a weirdo!

     Yes, little butterflies that flit about, some without much substance. Some with too much attitude and some with some pretty cool ideas. But . . .back to the plucking. Ouch! Sorry, had one more. How I wish I were perfect according to my own standard. I certainly wouldn’t be holding on to these extra pounds. Wa-la! Gone! Sveltness I would be. Those blah, intermixed blue, green, gray muddy eyes? Snap. Perfect true blue. That space between my teeth? Whit-chih! (My attempt at a whip snap.) So not there! Dark, uninspiring slightly graying hair? DaDing! Gorgeous blond. (With curls!) Eyebrows, well, you already know about those.
     Ooops, pardon me. White thought butterfly just reminded me that it’s nine-thirty, and I haven’t had breakfast yet.
     All right. Back in the saddle. (I really did just make an egg sandwich with salt and pepper. You didn’t think I was just making this up, did you?!) Wait, a squirrel.
     Anyway, God made us to be who we are. I saw an article where random regular women were made into their perfect selves through makeup, photoshopping, clothes, etc. You’d think when the women looked at their new “perfect,” photos they’d be like, ‘wow, I’m gorgeous! I’m going to lose that weight to look like that!’ Or ‘I’m going to wear my hair like that so I can look that good!’
     Only they didn’t. They were . . . let down and disappointed. Some were surprised at first, and then their faces puckered up in concern as they studied the photos closer. Most of them said they felt like the ‘real’ them,’ had been distilled out. All of those imperfections made them who they were.
     God made those, what we think of as, ‘imperfections.’ He loves us and accepts us right where we are. Don’t try to make yourself perfect for Him through your own personal ‘photoshopping.’ He made you perfect through the filter of his Son, Jesus Christ.
     So embrace those woolly mammoth caterpillar eyebrows! (Or, in my case, hand me the tweezers.) Smile and show those irregular teeth. As long as you give yourself to the Lord, He will bring you up to snuff. And though you search the world over, He’s the only one that can. So . . .embrace HIM.

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