Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Farm Fresh Morning!

My good friend, Cheryl, a dedicated farm wife, shares the start to her morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It reminds me to give thanks, no matter how the day starts.

It was a crisp fall day, as the farmer and his wife lay snuggled in their bed. The first hard freeze had turned the newest shoots of grass to a lawn of crunchy green. The promise of a blessed new day ebbed up over the horizon as the earth slowly awoke to God's gracious hand.
All was well as the family and their beloved dog grasped every precious minute of rest. Suddenly the dog growls a low, firm growl awakening the pair! Oh what to their eyes does appear? But a cow and her new calf, strolling across the crunchy lawn of green! This would be the beginning of the couple's Sabbath Day!
Now to re-capture the cow and the day old, black bundle of energy! His zest for life is refreshing as everything is an object to be discovered for the first time. He follows after his Momma at a run, tail rigid behind his small frame!
Before the couple can even let their feet hit the floor, a strange car pulls in the drive. Surely this is a nice citizen who has spotted the bovine pair in the front lawn as well, who wants to alert the farmer. She grabs her fuchsia robe and heads to the door, if nothing else to quiet the ongoing ding dong of the seldom used doorbell!
"Yes Sir, thank you so much for alerting us!" "Enjoy your deer hunt!" "Oh yes, it would be bad if a dog got a hold of the poor new calf!"
She shuts the door to the invisible camo man and retreats to her bathroom for a quiet moment of solace and peace. The man parks his car in the driveway. I wonder if he is sipping on coffee and eating a pop tart as he occupies my drive and blocks my view of the lone cow and her calf. Surely he has some stalking to do in all of that camo gear? Does he actually think the deer cannot see him? He smells of tobacco a mile away!

I laugh as I look for my warmest socks! My husband beats me outside, igniting the other two "watch dogs", who never even growled! Oh I love the life of a farmer's wife. Sure do pray we can succeed in this undertaking. Now to capture her and the calf and relocate them to our other farm. As I put on my clothes, I wonder if this whole process would go better if I only had enough camo to wear. I pause as I consider jumping in the stranger's passenger seat. I know his car is warm and the promise of fresh coffee from the invisible man's thermos is almost too much to bear! Thank God for self-restraint! Heading out now. Hope to see you all at church in a few hours!

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