Saturday, October 29, 2016

Two Love Is Novellas~This is Better Than Christmas!

 Your hunger for a compact satisfyingly clean romance can be assuaged right this moment. And in any form you'd like. These two are as different as can be, but no less endearing. Want a tale of a married couple facing a matter of life and death over their firstborn? Choose Racing Hearts by Renee Blare. Yearning to escape the bustle of busy life and grow with the heroine as she discovers God's forgiveness and love? Haven in the Woods by Nancy Shew Bolton is the one for you. Here's what others are saying about these novellas.

 “Learning to trust God for everything from their marriage, health, finances, and baby, makes for a story that will warm your heart…and perhaps make it race too…” Susan Baganz

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Need more? How about a little excerpt:

     The small cubicle darkened. As she struggled to slow her breaths, her heart thundered in her ears as fast as a mustang across the high plains. 
     She slid to her knees and pressed her forehead against the cold steel of the dividing wall. “Oh, Lord, help me.”

Or how about this one?

"Bolton’s lush setting paints a perfect backdrop for these people who learn that protecting each other, no matter how they came together, as well as living under the protection of God’s wings, makes life worth living. Told in multiple viewpoints from the perspectives of the main characters, this sweet novella clips right along at a quick pace. Full and satisfying, readers will root for both Robert and Ellen, even in the darkest moments." Lisa J. Lickel

A Haven in the Woods by Nancy Shew Bolton OUT NOW from Prism Book Group.
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Don't miss this excerpt:

     She kept the gun aimed at him. “Stay off my property or I’ll shoot you.”
     “Technically, I’m standing on my land.”
     His calm voice didn’t fit with having a gun trained on him. He pointed at a small orange flag affixed to a rod in the ground near him. “The survey marker shows where your land starts and mine ends. Also, you can’t just shoot someone in New York State for stepping onto your property.”
     He seemed like a reasonable person, but didn’t people always say psychopaths were good at appearing normal? She continued to point the gun at him. “I can shoot anyone I think means to harm me.”
     “Well, that wouldn’t be me.” He shrugged and gave a brisk flip of his hand. “See ya.”

Ready to select? Just click the blue words beneath each cover and you'll zoom right over to Amazon, where you can purchase each book for only $2.99. Now that's a steal!


  1. Have read and really enjoyed Racing Hearts. Will have to check out the other one.

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