Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Farm Fresh Morning!

My good friend, Cheryl, a dedicated farm wife, shares the start to her morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It reminds me to give thanks, no matter how the day starts.

It was a crisp fall day, as the farmer and his wife lay snuggled in their bed. The first hard freeze had turned the newest shoots of grass to a lawn of crunchy green. The promise of a blessed new day ebbed up over the horizon as the earth slowly awoke to God's gracious hand.
All was well as the family and their beloved dog grasped every precious minute of rest. Suddenly the dog growls a low, firm growl awakening the pair! Oh what to their eyes does appear? But a cow and her new calf, strolling across the crunchy lawn of green! This would be the beginning of the couple's Sabbath Day!
Now to re-capture the cow and the day old, black bundle of energy! His zest for life is refreshing as everything is an object to be discovered for the first time. He follows after his Momma at a run, tail rigid behind his small frame!
Before the couple can even let their feet hit the floor, a strange car pulls in the drive. Surely this is a nice citizen who has spotted the bovine pair in the front lawn as well, who wants to alert the farmer. She grabs her fuchsia robe and heads to the door, if nothing else to quiet the ongoing ding dong of the seldom used doorbell!
"Yes Sir, thank you so much for alerting us!" "Enjoy your deer hunt!" "Oh yes, it would be bad if a dog got a hold of the poor new calf!"
She shuts the door to the invisible camo man and retreats to her bathroom for a quiet moment of solace and peace. The man parks his car in the driveway. I wonder if he is sipping on coffee and eating a pop tart as he occupies my drive and blocks my view of the lone cow and her calf. Surely he has some stalking to do in all of that camo gear? Does he actually think the deer cannot see him? He smells of tobacco a mile away!

I laugh as I look for my warmest socks! My husband beats me outside, igniting the other two "watch dogs", who never even growled! Oh I love the life of a farmer's wife. Sure do pray we can succeed in this undertaking. Now to capture her and the calf and relocate them to our other farm. As I put on my clothes, I wonder if this whole process would go better if I only had enough camo to wear. I pause as I consider jumping in the stranger's passenger seat. I know his car is warm and the promise of fresh coffee from the invisible man's thermos is almost too much to bear! Thank God for self-restraint! Heading out now. Hope to see you all at church in a few hours!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Come Meet Jubilee Stallings of Year of Jubilee!!!

Howdy and welcome!  It’s a SUPER spectacular day here at Pen in Hand. I’ve released my debut book and, boy, am I about to burst with excitement!  This book has been about a seven year process from start to finish, so I’m thrilled to be at the point of publication!
I thought Let me give you the run-down:

Orphaned and widowed, eighteen year old JUBILEE STALLINGS clings to her southern Indiana farm as her only refuge. The wilds of Gibson County are just being tamed in the year of 1850, and Jubilee ekes a meager existence. But when RAFE TANNER, a cousin of her abusive dead husband, shows up with the deed to her property, Jubilee’s dream of her own home dissolves.
Rafe, stinging from his ex-fiancée’s rejection, offers a business marriage, throwing him and Jubilee together in an effort to make the farm successful. But scars from the past keep her in constant fear of her new husband. The pair masquerades as a love-struck couple at Rafe’s family farm, enduring the romantic notions of his family and the jealousy of his ex-fiancée.
Once home, Rafe realizes his newfound love for Jubilee, and sets out to court her. Meanwhile, Jubilee fights demons from her past as her husband reveals his interest. Can Jubilee let go of her distrust and pain to embrace God’s plan of true love and finally find a place to belong?

There’s a whole lot of misunderstanding mixed in which makes the read a bit more hilarious than it sounds.  Let’s interview  Jubilee Stallings to get a little insight!

Me:  Jubilee, such an interesting name, what was it like before you met Rafe.

Jubilee:  Oh, lands. I can’t describe it. My first husband, well, he was quite unkind, mean even. Thankfully he left quite frequently which allowed me some freedom. But then I ran out of food. It seemed trouble dogged my every step. It’s a terrible thing to starve, I can tell you that.

Me:  So it must have been a relief for Rafe to show up, right?

Jubilee:  Goodness, no. I had no inkling of his personality.  I only knew he was related to Colvin.  That in itself scared the bejeebers out of me.  And physically, the man was huge. No, no. I lived in fear of him the first several months.

Me:  I see.  I guess you married him fairly quick, then.

Jubilee: (dark eyes widening) It was unavoidable. He owned the land. I was a trespasser at that point.  I had nowhere to go.

Me: No family or friends?

Jubilee: I was raised in an orphanage in Pennsylvania.  So no. I had absolutely no options.

Me:  Well, God is in the business of showing people His options! Well, I know there’s lot’s more to tell, including some misunderstanding about a baby.

Jubilee: (Blushing) Oh, dear yes. My friend, Elsa got things confused.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

Me:  Well, Jubilee. I know readers are very interested in knowing what happens next, so I won’t spill the beans.  Thanks for stopping by!

Jubilee: You’re most welcome.

Here’s a little excerpt:
“Okay, I’ve been thinking about this all day.” He paused and fixed his gaze on hers. “I gotta a lot of work in store for me on this property.”
She clenched her hands in her lap and stared at him with those huge dark eyes. The fire’s light revealed dirt smudges across her forehead. He returned to focus on the campfire.
“It might work to have a little help around here. Like a ‘business arrangement,’ of sorts.” His eyes flicked back to her.
The woman’s eyebrows drew together. Rafe cleared his throat and kept talking.
“You’d stay in the cabin and cook dinner and clean up. I’ll occupy the barn. You could also tend the garden, put up the harvest, and take care of the barn animals.” He paused as if he’d just thought of something, “You do cook, don’t you?”
Hesitantly, she nodded.
Satisfied with her answer he continued, “I’ll clear the land and plant the crops according to my plan. I’ll make sure we have food, clothing. The basics. The whole thing will sort of be a, cooperative effort.”
The woman’s hand set to kneading the fabric of her skirt. His eyes narrowed. What was going through her brain? Didn’t she understand the arrangement?
“Course, folks roundabout will soon get wind we’re both living out here, and to keep any damage to our reputations, we probably ought to marry.”
She gasped and her hands flew to her mouth.
Rafe shook his head. That hadn’t gone well. “We’d still stick to our arrangement of you in the cabin and me in the barn, but to everyone else we’d be just…a married couple.”
It was finally out. Rafe took a deep breath. Jubilee blinked at him.
“Now, you’ll probably need a night to think it over. Either way you decide, we’ll be heading into town tomorrow morning.” He cleared his throat and stood. Well, I’ve got a few chores to tend to.” He strode to the barn

Jubilee stared after him then covered her face with her hands. He had to be kidding. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. A forced marriage? Again? Tears gathered at the back of her throat. Waiting until he disappeared into the barn, Jubilee took off at a run to the cabin, tears streaming. Not bothering to gather wood she barred the door and pounced into bed to cover up with the quilt. She blinked in the darkness, and her brain grew numb. How had all this happened?

I hope that whet your appetite! You can purchase, Year of Jubilee, from Prism Book Group, Amazon or other fine retailers!!!  Come join me at these websites:

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome! Please take time to reassess your life right now! Is Jesus Lord and Savior of your life?! He should be. He died for your sins. Everyone sins. Everyone is going to Hell. I can't tell you straighter than that, my friend. UNLESS~ you Accept Jesus is the one and only Son of God, Believe on Him as your Savior, and Confess your sins. As simple as that. Don't let anyone tell you it's more complicated or divert you with controversy or self thoughts on the subject. THIS IS WHAT TO DO. Ensure your future will be in Heaven. Forever is a long time. Bless you on this Easter!!! May you find the Lord this sacred holiday.

"Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together." Psalm 34:3.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Renee Blare Releases her Debut Novel, Beast of Stratton!!!

Beast of Stratton
By Renee Blare
Release Date: March 11, 2015 from Prism Book Group
 Romantic Suspense

 Don't miss this new release!!!

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other select retail stores.

He appears the beast, but she sees his heart.
Architect Aimee Hart, determined to locate her father, infiltrates Miles Stratton's engineering firm as a secretary. Her presence wrenches the shaggy, wounded man from his penthouse, and the quest begins.
Betrayed by his best friend, Miles would rather hide than help, especially from the man's daughter.
But something's not right. Someone's trying to destroy Stratton Industrial. A decorated war veteran, he's defended his own before and the Beast of Stratton can do it again.
Even with the enemy at his side.

Copyright 2015 © Renee Blare

     He'd vanished.
     She'd called his friends, the family. She'd even tried her stepmother who'd hung up on her.  Well, okay, maybe that wasn't the brightest idea.
     A red rose rolled across her father's tattered note, caught in the breeze from the open window.  Sliding the pan down, she picked up the flower.  The words on the page blurred as she buried her nose in the soft petals.
Instead of saying goodbye to his wife in his last letter, he'd simply left explicit instructions not to follow him. Aimee snorted.  Like the woman would care.  He'd sent it with the rose and an antique necklace.  She held the thick chair aloft and peered at the golden key spinning in the light.  The jewelry had probably cost a fortune.
     And her stepmother was nowhere to be found.  Scratch that.  According to her, she wanted to be left alone.  It didn't make a difference to Aimee what the letter said and to whom, she'd follow.  A small smile worked its way to her lips as she fastened the necklace around her neck.
     The zipper stuck on the edge of the suitcase and she gave it a hard jerk.  Dagging the bulging bag off the bed, it hit the floor with a thunk.  She slid her arms into her jacket and looped her purse over teh handle.  She dropped the rose, and it landed beside her plane ticket next to her wallet.  Before latching her fingers around her bad, she tucked the key under her shirt and out of sight. "Stratton Industrial, here I come."

About the Author:

Renee Blare’s nose has been buried in a book for as long as she can remember. Raised in Louisiana and Wyoming, she started writing poetry in junior high school and that, as they say, was that. After having her son, a desire to attend pharmacy school sent her small family to the awesome town of Laramie. She’s been counting pills ever since. While writing’s her first love, well, after the Lord and her husband, she also likes to fish and hunt as well as pick away on her classical guitar.
After a brief detour to Texas, she back home, nestled against the Black Hills with her husband, crazy old dog and ornery cat. Add her son and parents dropping in for a home-cooked meal, and life’s never dull around her house. She serves the community of northeastern Wyoming as a pharmacist while penning her stories about struggling Christians as they travel along the journeys of their lives—keeping things interesting, of course. She loves to interact with readers and invites you check out her website, blogs, and social media.
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