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The Spellbound Schoolmarm is Released!

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(Don't you just love the expression on her face??!!)

Rigidity, rules, and reason. Simple concepts that strict schoolmarm Sissy P. Eberlin utilizes to maintain classroom stability and whip her pupils into shape. Yet, internally she quivers in fear, dreading someone will uncover her scandalous past. Or even worse? Sissy’s even more malevolent present. No one, absolutely no one, must break beyond her carefully constructed boundaries. Ever. Better to be lonely than hated. So, why does the widowed blacksmith, Heaker Thomas tug at her heart?

Careworn and exhausted, Heaker rustles every bush to find a mother for his five daughters. But with his youngest at death’s door, no woman seems willing. Instead he’s become the laughing stock of the community. To still the rumors, he swears off his search and vows to remain single. Yet, when his elderly nursemaid abruptly departs, leaving him in a desperate situation, he turns to the prickly new schoolmarm for help. After all, how can he resist a woman whose eyes betray a need for love as deep as his own?

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The Misfit Bride Hits the Shelves!

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     Zero. That’s how many suitors Cora “Too Tall” Taggart’s entertained in her nineteen years. That is, until her father corrals a man nearly twice her age needing a mother for his children. However, Cora’s heart aches to find true love with a man who would embrace all of her misfit qualities.

     When Trigg Gentry discovers Cora in a back alley, using his horse as her own personal writing desk, sparks fly between them. While he searches for his runaway sister, Trigg crosses paths once again with Cora on a steamer bound for St. Louis, and neither Trigg nor Cora can deny their blossoming relationship.

     But Trigg’s unexpected exit from Cora’s debutante cotillion comes under suspicion. The guests’ jewelry is missing, and he’s linked to a murder case. Cora fears these accusations will make it impossible to avoid her father’s arranged marriage. And to make matters worse, her heart belongs to the man now pegged as a criminal. How can Cora convince her father that Trigg isn’t involved in either crime when all the proof points straight at him?

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My bio:

Peggy Trotter is on a continual quest to find one of her many pairs of glasses. Once those readers are parked on her nose, she‘s immersed in a story scene of some sort, always pushing toward that miracle, ransomed-ever-after, happy ending. On a dusty shelf lies a couple of writing honors like the prestigious ACFW Genesis Award, Novella category, even though she writes full-length historical and contemporary Christian Fiction.

She has two amazing grown children, two terrific children-in-laws, and three unbelievably fantabulous grandchildren, who deserve way more than the average amount of adjectives and adverbs. Her Batman of 36 years, whose cape is much worn from rescuing his wife from one scrap or another, is the delight of her life. She’s a smoldering pot of determined discombobulation who, by the grace of God, occasionally pulls it together to appear in public as a normal confident woman while privately craving a few hermit hours to woo the printed word.

Looking Up to Find My Mellow

“Take time to be…mellow, cease the mindless craze…”

Abide in silence, maybe count to ten? (To the tune of Take Time to be Holy.)

Recently I actually Googled, how to be mellow. Because, really, that’s where I want to be. Calm, peaceful, and mellow. I read a blog on the subject where the writer observed that the only people who seemed to  capture this elusive concept was men. I’m inclined to agree, for the most part.  We women, or at least me, tend to have the mindset that if I only work harder, I can fix the whole world and accomplish my dreams. Despite the last fifty years’ constant spanks denying that warped little idea.

I’ve made moves in that last few years to try to make my life more mellow. More…simple. I quit my full time job, which at the time was very stressful. My plan was to free up more time to write and therefore, blow a raspberry at a half decade of nay-saying.  Now however, sometimes writing stresses me out. It is a job, after all, a very fickle one with an undependable CEO, namely, me.

This has led me to realize that stress for the most part starts in my very own gray matter. I allow things to bug me, so they do. I push harder, so I feel pushed. I cycle issues in my head and they grow and spin in continual turmoil. I refuse to resolve issues and therefore they become a large bucket of unresolved problems on which I stub my toe on multiple times a day.

And, you know, they have such helpful suggestions to help you attain a more relaxed life course. Like, take deep breaths. Exercise. Drink water. Close your eyes. All good suggestions. Not always helpful when you’re sweating bullets with a ball of frustration the size of a buffalo on your neck. Like I have time to stand up and walk for fifteen minutes. Trust me, if I start walking, I won’t be stopping until my feet reach a beach.

But I will continue to chip away at this concept of being more mellow. Try to be calm and at the same time avoid being uncaring. (It’s a lot easier to be mellow if you don’t even care.) Because after all, how many times has my life not worked out? I’m still alive. I’m still striving. Sure, it didn’t always work out the way I wanted, but things mostly resolved one way or the other.
And that’s the rub. I want it my way.

But God says, And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10 NIV.

It’s so true. I’m not so full of my own plans to fail to notice how hard is to apply the very words I believe with all my heart. In short, I’m not in charge, so chill. Take those deep breaths, pace to the beat of relaxing harp music and close my eyes and remember this verse. Lean into that verse and trust.

Perhaps I’ve just made a turn into a more mellow direction. Kneeling with my eyes up.

Me, Being Political? Who Knew?

IMHO, and It's Free!

I'm not political. At all. I know that's a shame. But, few things bore me. Politics do.

Yet, I still get me toes wet, occasionally. Like for example, I've noticed that most of the Presidential Candidates endorse free college debt relief. Now, I'm old school here, or at least my knees are telling me I am, but I can't help but remember my own college experience.

Both my husband and I put in a lot of hours on work-study throughout our college careers and ended up with paying off a minor college debt over the course of our first 10 years of marriage. Was is difficult? Durn, yes!

Recently I had the privilege of doing a last minute spring break blast. We had to stop at the realtors to get the condo's key. What we didn't plan on was the long line made up mostly of college kids on spring break. Chattin' it up and filling out their party agenda for the next seven days.

Now, I'm not begrudging a young adult a short break from heavy studies, but what the heck??? Taking that break from work cost us a good chunk of money just for 3 days. And here was a large collection of poor college students heading to their condos in vehicles one year newer than ours.

I'm thinking if my husband and I were told from get-go as a young adult. that we would not have to pay back any college costs, we would have taken a spring break, probably a summer break, and hey, why not, even a winter break. And I ponder, how motivated would I have been to receive good grades amongst the vacationing? Not very.

You see, I learned a lot in college and not just in the classroom. Eating cold bean soup from a can in the dorm on a Saturday because the cafeteria was closed and I had no money, wasn't the end of the world. I survived. And I learned a little about appreciation, hope, and trust that God would take care of everything. That my real life would start soon. And it would be wonderful because I had worked to obtain the tools to get there.

Living hard makes you strive and thirst to make things better. Don't we want America to be better??? Wow, I do. Do we really want entitled, enabled, and spoiled young adults buying a $1K phone just to see if it's waterproof to their brand of beer? Is that the mentality we want for our future?

Man, I sound like an old hardcore Political Idiot, and I'm really not. Or at least the hardcore political part. I'm just believe that people ought to take responsibility for their choices in life. If you choose the path of a college education, fabulous! Pay for it. You're the one who will enjoy the income, why not be the one who footed the bill? Besides, it would seem apparent that it would make a person more frugal and appreciate the outcome so much more.

You know, I leaned a lot more from a cold can of soup while sitting cross-legged on a hard bunk, than I did at the beach. Just saying.

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