Christian Fiction Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt!

Summer's coming to a close, but that doesn't mean there isn't an awesome, ginormous Christian Fiction Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt with a massive  ECards and Book Giveaways going on! I'm so glad you're getting to know so many authors on this scavenger hunt, because let's face it, reading is the BoMb! Be on the lookout for my "key phrase" to help you solve the scavenger hunt sentence puzzle. HINT: It's my favorite color.

         My Fav and Not-so-Fav School Supplies

My favorite back-to-school item? Ticonderoga pencils, especially the black ones. As a former teacher, I highly recommend these pencils for less waste in the pencil sharpener. And, they always sharpen to a
fine point.
Worst back-to-school item? Fancy school boxes. You know the ones, (maybe you have even given in to kid pressure and bought one already???) They have metal corners, they're fuzzy, or leather, or dimpled, are covered in unicorns, hearts, kittens, etc, and maybe even have a lock with a key. Yikes. That is an attention stealer, way too high on maintenance, and won't even fit in a child's desk. A simple plastic box with a good latch is much more practical. Boring, yes, but practical. (And your child might not be playing with it while long division is being explained. So yay.) Maybe jazz up that plain box with some stickers?

My Fun Back-to-School Story

As a teacher I'd gone to extra lengths on this particular first day of my second grade class. I loved my students and wanted to put my best foot forward, or in this case my best hair. I have wavy hair, (though I often force it to be straight, hence the profile pic) and I'd squirted tons of gel and sprayed massive amounts of hair spray to make it exceptionally full and curly. I thought it looked amazing. I patted it in satisfaction as I stood by my door to greet my new students.

"Good morning," I smiled at one of my super cute girls with sparkling brown eyes and a spunky ponytail.

She gave me the once over as if she smelled something sour. "What's wrong with your hair?"

Needless to say, her mother was appalled. But I laughed. You can always trust an eight-year-old to be fully honest!

Want to know more about my book? Well, here's the pretty cover:

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And the catchy blurb:

Pansy Jo Sutcliff’s reformed and she’s not going back. That’s right. No rendezvousing under the name “Miss Ruby” ever again. With her rusted shotgun, she’s willing to discourage any man who comes knocking. Until Wylen Jenks stutters out a wedding proposal. Never in her fondest dreams had she ever imagined she might be a bride. The man may be desperate with half a dozen kids, yet it’s the best offer she’s ever received.

Wylen Jenks knows he ain’t worthy to wed such a rare beauty. And as far as sordid backgrounds go, well, he had his own to wrangle. But when an old customer shows up, roughhousing and itching to relive the past with his new wife, Wylen must not only reach deep to defend not only what is his, but to battle off the lifelong condemnation and shame of the community.
With a bold prayer on each of their lips, Wylen and Pansy Jo charge forth into a new life of marriage.
But will their old lives let them go?


Look at all the books that are up for grabs for this giveaway! And you could be the big winner, someone even who has never won a giveaway! (and don't forget to collect your "phrase" to complete the puzzle :)

For more info click here.

So many amazing books! To complete the next part of the Christian Fiction Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt phrase go here:

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