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The Secret Storm is out!

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The second in the Unchained Souls Series has released! The theme of secrets adds a zest of suspense to this Christian Contemporary novel. Here's the blurb:

Within the cozy coastal town…secrets abound. Stormi Zobroski’s life is finally on track. Her immoral life decisions, stemming from a dysfunctional childhood, are nothing but a bad memory. New town, new life. Or so she thinks. When a new friend, Ake Pearson, is belittled, Stormi conjures up the perfect plan. Yet, how could a little face-saving kiss cause so much harm? Now, she will do anything to fix it.
Ake Pearson is a simple man. Faith, family, and fishing. Even if everybody calls him “Dummy,” he’s content with his lot. Only when Stormi thunders into his life does he realize what he is missing. Family disapproval and misunderstandings threaten to tear Stormi from him. But when a long kept secret surfaces, Ake may lose his very life.

Don't miss getting your copy! It's here!

It's my third release! And a suspense as well. Who knew?

Hello Folks!

If you're looking for the Writing Process World Blog Tour, you've found the right place!  Amryn Cross was my link, so if you haven't been there yet, head on over. (http://www.amryncross.com/2014/05/20/blog-hop/)

So, hmmm, we're supposed to answer four questions.

 Numero Uno:

What am I working on?

Yeesh. Everything!!! The tunnel I'm in is never narrow! I'm editing a novella, and I always drag my feet for that, yet have such satisfaction when it's done! In the meantime, it's summer, sooooooo-I have a lot of time to write.  I'm on chapter 8 of a contemporary Christian Romance of a New England Town, but I'm also on chapter 12 of a Historical Christian Romance set in the bootheel of Missouri.  Plus the new blog (diamondsinfiction.blogspot.com-check it out!:) ) means interviews, so there's that! And this!

Numero Dos:

How does my work differ from others in it's genre?

Oooh, toughy. Let's see if I can nail it, or rather, staple it!  I'd say I like to put characters at the end of their rope, where they must make desperate choices, or create characters that no one would want to associate with.  My current historical is about a prostitute who must marry to provide a roof over her head. My contemporary is about a young woman who's been to the edge of life and is fighting to understand Christianity. They face unimaginable choices, because in life, we've all had to make those gut-wrenching decisions.

Numero Tres:

Why do I write what I do?

I can't not write it. It's that plain and simple. It's like ignoring the pink rhinoceros in the kitchen. It's BIG, PINK, and taking up so much SPACE you can't look past it. My writing is so up in my head, and it plays over and over and over, till it finds it's home in the pages of my books. I know God has blessed me with these ideas, scenes, and stories. And because He blessed me with such a gift, I want to share that with my readers-a good wholesome Christian story.  I've read the secular Romance books.  They were so out of my realm of beliefs, I had to stop reading them! That's why I love what I do.

Numero Quatro:

How does your writing process work?

Eek, do I have to share this? It's sorta embarrassing. I'm not the outline, boxes ticked, thirty-five page synopsis starting author. I completely imagine them in my mind. Like a movie. And most disturbing of all, the movie starts playing at-BEDTIME! As soon as I lay my head down, it's like I'm in the upper film room of an old movie theater, where you lace the 8 mm film through the machine and switch it on. There's even a ticking noise. Weird. Now, I often have to come up with scenes that were never in my, ahem, 'movie,' then I do a lot of pacing and praying. Sometimes I have to just put it on the shelf for a few days. Then God pulls the chain and, 'flick!' Ohhh! That's what I'll have them do! I love those times! Then it's edits, and enriching the characters and plot, and it's done-by the seat of my pantaloons!

I hope you enjoyed this, 'hop.'  *insert rabbit nose twitch* Many of God's blessings upon you and much peace and joy!

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The Writing Adventure Begins!

Who knew becoming an author was such a gut-wrenching experience? How many times in the last few days have I whispered a quick, desperate prayer for help? My, but my stomach still flips!  I have been writing for years, literally for years.  But I've never published. Why? Plain didn't know how.  Didn't know how and was too fearful to take the next step. I've sent a few submissions off and got the lovely rejection letters. Once I received nothing at all. That was a great encouragement. Nothing. So I just turned back to my computer and composed. Moving on was just too difficult. It was much easier to write down the personal movie that shows in my head every night when I lay down to sleep.

You see, these manuscripts become your children, precious and few and, as any experienced empty-nester will tell you, very hard to let go of. Oh, dear.  I ended with a preposition. Now that will bother me.  The rules, the rules!!!  So many rules. But I meander. A blog about rules, or rather the lack of, will have to wait.  It's hard to let go of something that has been with you for fifteen to twenty years. Lands, even my first novel, as corny as it is, is still, 'special,' to me. I still sport hopes that I will re-vamp it and make it the novel of the year.

Now I have stepped out and allowed others to read what I have so diligently poured out these last years. Do I fear what I will find out? You betcha!  But I also have a quiver of excitement to reach that next step. A step that may lead to my dream.

 Do you have a dream? Chase it for all you're worth! Ask God to show you the way. Then hold on to your seat, prepare for sharp turns, and experience the exhilarating ride. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your path." (Proverbs 3:5-6) See how that last two sentences were my best ones? That's because they weren't mine, they were God's. I've whispered those two sentences to myself many times in the last couple of days.

Maybe I will never be a published writer, but I know there's a reason I do this. And I know He will reveal it to me when the time is right. Meanwhile, thanks God for the movie I'll watch tonight. I can't wait to see what You'll do with it!

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